We are always standing by to assist you or a loved one with any information regarding loans or applications. We will help guide you step by step in your pursuit of achieving financial goals.

Our companies approach is built around trust and good value. We have partners all across the nation that have declared us their preferred lender. We built these relationships from previous experiences of showing the attention to detail we strive for.


Our exclusive service in approving clients and evaluating their ability to purchase is what creates trust with agents across the nation. We evaluate a client’s full credit report, income documentation and assets to approve a client for a new home loan. We do all the legwork upfront so in the process, our client will not be tracking documents in a rush to the closing table. We have found that this gives agents and clients peace of mind so their offer is as strong as possible when submitted. Our mission is to make every offer as strong as a cash offer with our thorough process upfront of approval. By doing so, this increases offer acceptance ratios, and timelines to obtain our clear to close.

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Our company offers mortgage options from purchase, refinance and home equity lines of credit. We have partnered with fifteen wholesale lenders that offer multiple programs to help accomplish the dream of financial flexibility. We finance residential homes, from a single family, multi-family, condominiums, and townhomes. From being a first time home buyer, buying your dream vacation home, investment property or working with a new construction every home will be researched by our team to see if we can find an option.

Our conventional products allow for as little as 3% down payment options that work for most clients look at obtaining a home loan. Our team has a specific partnership around FHA loans that can allow a client to purchase or refinance a home with credit scores as little as 500! Down payment options begin at a minimum of 3.5% for a purchase transaction. This program is specific to the client and may be obtained with the proper initial review up front. For all our military veterans, we have options where credit scores also in the 500 range as well. All our VA loans may be obtained with 0% down as well to ensure proper cash flow and benefits for a closing. We have flexible debt ratios for obtaining full approval for our veterans. Our team also offers USDA loans for clients in a rural area that allow for a 0% down payment option as well! These mortgages are built around a client’s ability to obtain this loan. Our team will speak closely with our client and evaluate all scenarios to determine what program makes the most sense. We also offer home equity lines of credit that work perfectly for any home improvements, new investment opportunities or just as a safety net for a rainy day.